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Our Approach:

At Richline Technical Services, we don’t just want to be your “IT Guy”, we want to be your technology partner and trusted advisor. We believe in a symbiotic relationship where your IT Consultant helps you get where you’re trying to go as a company, saving you some time and money along the way, and increases your productivity and quality of life in the end through better technology and better management of your IT infrastructure. We won’t try to sell you solutions you don’t need and we’ll advise of the best options for your business even if that means that solution may not be with us.

Who we are:

Richline Technical Services (RTS) provides consulting and technical solutions that solve real world business problems. RTS was founded in 2001 and has established itself as a premier consulting and IT support firm in South Texas with our headquarters in Corpus Christi.

Our consultants and technical staff are highly qualified and experienced with industry certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, Novel and various others. Richline recruits the best staff to support our client’s IT environment. Our team consists of people who love what they do, have the heart of a teacher and understand that great customer service is the key to prospering as a company.

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