We are a “solutions” company, of course we have services.

Business I.T. Support/ aka I.T. Helpdesk

Richline IT Solutions’ primary line of business is acting as your business’s “I.T. Guy”–providing you access to a fully staffed Helpdesk with everything from Level 1 Computer Technicians for your simple problems to Network Engineers for your Network Design and Consulting needs.

Rather then hiring your own in house IT guy or if you need someone to suppliment your in house guy, learn how our combination of Managed I.T. Services and HelpDesk can keep you and your team running smoothly.

Proactively Managed Computers and Networks

Marketed as “Managed Services” or “Managed I.T. Services” by many I.T. Providers, this consists of a suite of software tools as well as our special blend of best practices and I.T. voodoo….essentially we manage your workstations, servers and network devices, making sure they are protected from viruses and other threats and making sure they get their necessary patches and updates. We automate this process and bundle it into a suite of services eliminating the need to have someone preform these actions manually.

Cloud and Hosted VoIP Solutions

We partner with many Cloud Solution Providers as a “Master Agent”. Basically, if you need something in the cloud and you aren’t sure where to start, we can help get you setup with the right Cloud Solution Provider. In other words, if we don’t do it, we’ll help you find someone who does.  This can include hosted VoIP phone systems, Cloud Hosted Servers, Hosted Desktops, or something just as simple as Internet Access or SDWAN providers.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

(Cloud Managed) Disaster Recovery Solutions and Data Backup Solutions – We will manage and backup your data both onsite (local copy) and offsite for easy access and quick restores should the worst happen